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Workforce and Supplier Diversity Summit 2021

Building the Next Generation of Wireless Infrastructure

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The Connect (X): All Access (CXAA) Workforce & Diversity Summit will examine why comprehensive workforce development initiatives are of critical importance for the wireless infrastructure industry.

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From telecommunications providers to tower companies, our industry faces urgent challenges when it comes to building a skilled workforce.

Part of a successful strategy includes a well-defined inclusion and diversity initiative. Diverse suppliers will have a unique opportunity to participate in 1:1 matchmaking sessions with procurement officers from major wireless companies during this digital event.

A Critical Crossroads

As our nation continues to recover from a devastating pandemic, the importance of reliable broadband connectivity continues to be a serious concern. Successful 5G deployments are crucial to closing the homework gap, powering our remote workforce, and opening up advancements in enterprises including transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing.

5G deployments are in progress and are expected to accelerate. However, without a skilled workforce at the ready, rollout of 5G infrastructure will be slow and uneven—or possibly compromised entirely.

Leading the Industry

Comprehensive training programs and apprenticeships are a key component of a successful workforce development effort. However, most organizations do not have the resources to effectively develop and deploy these initiatives.

President Biden recently recognized registered apprenticeship as one of the most effective ways to train the workforce needed to meet the new demands of the latest broadband technologies.

Apprenticeship continues to offer a cost-effective way to implement standardized training while also building employee engagement and increasing retention. As the national sponsor of the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP), WIA connects organizations with resources for recruitment, training, and workforce development.

Building A Diverse Supply Chain

This event will feature targeted programming on the inclusion of veteran, women, and minority-owned businesses in the wireless infrastructure industry. The Workforce & Supplier Diversity summit advocates for a more diverse industry and allows all companies to tap into the growing opportunities within wireless.

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Why Attend?

  • Discover the benefits of registered apprenticeship. What does it mean for your organization?
  • Learn how to use competency-based models to build a better workforce.
  • Explore how to best measure the ROI of your current training and apprenticeship programs.
  • Learn how to prepare a skilled workforce for future wireless networks—5G and beyond.
  • Identify the advancements in wireless infrastructure & look ahead to what comes next so you can prepare your employees now.
  • Promote your products and services to major wireless corporations.


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